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Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

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The best selling Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle System is offered by international fitness expert, Tom Venuto. Tom has over 20 years of fitness experience and has been involved in motivational weight loss, nutritional consulting and fitness modeling. Tom is also a successful fitness writer with hundreds of articles published on fitness sites and in magazines. Tom puts his bodybuilding background and nutritional expertise to work in an eBook that he touts as a "fat loss system."

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • The massive full length 340 page eBook, lifetime product updates and multiple bonus eBook's are provided at a one time $40 fee.
  • Tom provides a well balanced and objective eBook. Covering everything from diet myths and controversies to well established and accepted information.
  • Tom emphasizes that there are no miracles for weight loss and dieters are not told that they have to invest in supplements or diet pills.
  • You can workout in a gym or purchase inexpensive free weights and dumbbells to complete workouts at home on your own schedule.
  • Access to all of Tom's "secrets" in the BFFM program is immediately available to download after purchase (Book is in PDF format).


  • The book assumes dieters already know the basic of the exercises used and does not offer any pictures for assistance. This could result in incorrectly doing some of the more complicated exercises but the internet does have hundreds of free videos that can help.
  • Though you get more than what you pay with, some of the information not directly related to exercise and nutrition could result in information overload.
  • Although Tom has other books on Amazon that are sold in hard copy, BFFM is only available online.
  • Audio version of program not available at this time.
How Does Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Work?

The program focuses on four core areas: mental training, cardio training, weight training and nutrition. Mental training is covered from the first chapter where dieters are taught how to be realistic and understand how to set fitness goals. Instead of teaching dieters to lose weight which includes fat, water and muscle, the focus is on burning fat. The program is designed to allow dieters to pick and choose which areas of the program they need. You can choose to follow the exercise and nutrition sections or follow your favorite cardio program while using the e-Book's advice for weight training and nutrition. Sample menu plans are included so dieters know what foods to eat. Exercise levels aid beginners in working out several times a week while offering aggressive routines for those in advanced shape.

Chatter from forums and blogs seem to indicate that this program is not a scam is is backed by a 2 month refund policy.


Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is more than just another dieting and exercise eBook. The system is a complete instructional guideline for getting rapid and long-lasting weight loss. Tom provides an objective and honest look at what it really takes to burn fat and understands that everyone will not get the same results. The full 8 week refund policy protects dieter's investment in the product. Be sure to check out the before and after images, as well as, the success stories that are posted on the website.

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