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TACFIT Overview

TACFIT Commando calls itself as a hard-core workout regime. The program is not directed towards those just looking to show off flat abs; the focus here is on boosting endurance, strength and flexibility – giving users a body intended to perform just as well as it looks. The brain behind the TACFIT Bodyweight Workouts is trainer Scott Sonnon. Sonnon is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, and a fitness coach to elite fighters including firefighters, law enforcement agents, spies and bodyguards. The TACFIT program uses the same techniques used to train these top warriors and offers it to civilians.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • This super-intense workout regimen is doable in only 20 minutes.
  • All workouts rely on bodyweight so no equipment is necessary.


  • As TACFIT Bodyweight Workouts feature short workout sessions the intensity is amped up. Individuals jumping back into exercise after a long break and those who have never exercised before are likely to struggle here. Starting out with a low-intensity exercise program might be a better option.
  • The spotlight here is on boosting physical activity. Yes, users do develop lean muscles and eliminate stubborn fat; however, those looking to bulk up or lose a large amount of weight should carefully review other options as well.

How Does TACFIT Work?

The TACFIT program is only available by downloading. The full package contains the training manual that breaks down the basics of the program, and mission calendars that explain the schedule of activities. A video library is also included and provides multiple instruction videos that thoroughly explain the complex moves used. Sonnon's actual workouts revolve around metabolic conditioning methods. Users of the program follow his "6 Degrees of Freedom" model, engaging in fast-paced circuits and fluid movements that help boost performance, burn body fat and support rapid recovery. The program features three levels of intensity and is accessible to inactive beginners or advanced athletes.


TACFIT does an excellent job of providing a well-rounded program. Although fitness is the primary focus, the package also takes time to include dietary information. The recovery element is also a nice touch to help users prevent burn out or injury. TACFIT may be especially suited to those looking to break away from traditional exercises. The program is also a great fit for users looking to step up the intensity of their workouts and improve flexibility. For more information, visit the official website.

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The workouts are kickass. Almost, if not more, hardcore than p90x. This program is worth it.
Posted On:August 6, 2010, 10:24 pm


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