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This page sorts all of our reviews on dietary supplements, herbal remedies, and detox programs by price so finding a supplement within your budget has never been easier. Check back often as this page will be continuously updated throughout the year.

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breakPink Patch

Pink Patch [Diet Patches - Free Trial] $2.95

A weight loss patch that can be placed anywhere to suppress
the appetite and curb hunger cravings. Free trial only costs $2.95 for shipping and handling ($24.95 value)

breakSlim Seduction

Slim Seduction [Pills - Free Trial] $3.97

Slim Seduction is a libido booster turned diet pill with that "turned off" a lot of people with questionable marketing practices. Slim Seduction does contain good weight loss ingredients. After free trial, additional bottles are $39.95

breakWu-Yi Source

Wu-Yi Source [Diet Tea - Free Trial] $4.95

Flush fat with Wu Yi teas. Website claims you can lose up to 20lbs in first two months. If you decide to keep product after 14 day free trail you will be charged $59.95 for extra shipments.

breakExtreme Acai Berry

Extreme Acai Berry [Detox - Free Trial] $6.95

Supplementing a detox product into your current diet & fitness program is becoming more and more popular.  Eliminate toxins from the body and flush excess pounds using acai fruit.


Hydroxycut [Diet Pills] $39.95

Hydroxycut may help dieters lose 4 1/2 times more weight than dieting alone. Price includes a 50 capsules that should last 9 days if suggested dosage is taken.

breakSlim Shot

SlimShot [Dissolving Tablets] $39.99

SlimShot's are effervescent tablets that when added to water can add flavor while boosting metabolism and suppressing hunger. Price includes a 2 week supply. 4 Week supply will run around $74.98


Dex-C20 [Pills] $39.99

1 bottle of Dex-C20 contains a 1 month supply (60 pills total). Dex-C20 can help you lose up to 10lbs in 4 weeks using natural ingredients. Dex-C20 can be purchased in most major Pharmacies.


Alli Weight Loss
Alli Weight Loss [Pills] $44.95

Alli is an FDA approved dietary supplement and is used to block the digestion of fat. The price includes the Alli starter kit containing 60 capsules and all the weight loss guides needed to be successful on the Alli program.


Miracle Burn [Pills] $44.99

Miracle Burn eliminates cellulite and breaks down stored fat pockets. 1 Bottle contains a 1 month supply. MiracleBurn increases metabolism and energy with no known side effects.

breakCleanse Patch

Cleanse Patch [Detox - Foot Patches] $49.99

1 Box of Cleanse Patches contains a 5 day detox program. Cleanse Patches are said to remove toxins and promote weight loss when applied to the soles of the feet. Website recommends detoxing for 15 days for optimal results.

breakHoodia P57

Hoodia P57 [Pills] $49.99

Hoodia appetite suppressant for both men and women that contains Hoodia. 1 bottle of Hoodia P57 contains a 1 month supply. Hoodia P57 contains no known side effects and helps control hunger between meals.


Dual Action Cleanse
Dual Action Cleanse [Detox - Colon] $59.90

Detoxification system used to cleanse the colon and rid the body
of harmful toxins (such as undigested matter). Website recommends detoxing prior to starting your diet to get the best results. 1 box includes a 2 month detox supply.


HoodiThin [Liquid Drops] $59.95

HoodiThin is a hoodia liquid extract that is used to safely control hunger while on a diet. HoodiThin comes in a liquid dropper and 1 bottle contains a 1 month supply.

breakProShape Rx

ProShape Rx [Pills] $68.95

All natural supplement designed to boost metabolism and control
cravings. 1 bottle of ProShape Rx contains a 1 month supply and is doctor endorsed.


NuPhedrine [Pills] $75.00

One of the most popular diet supplements, NuPhedrine can burn an extra 500 calories a day while boosting the metabolism and suppressing the appetite. 1 Bottle contains a 1 month supply.


Proactol [Pills] $89.95

One of the first medically backed, clinically tested supplement that
is proven to bind up to 28% of fat intake during each meal (similar to Ali) so the body doesn't absorb as much fat. Price includes 1 month supply.

breakDiet Direct

Diet Direct [Meal Replacements] $239.00

Wonderslim 4 Week starter kit containing enough meal replacements to last a month. 1 Week kits are available for around $99. Diet Direct has other meal replacement products available at wholesale prices.


Eggology Egg Whites $99.18

Eggology provides an on-line source of pure liquid egg whites to use
in your home baking or high protein diet plan. Price includes 18 16oz jars packed with pure protein. Egg whites are treated and salmonella free.


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