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A Long-Term Weight Loss System

Strip That Fat

Strip That Fat Overview

Strip That Fat, is a weight loss system that focuses on burning fat and claims you can drop 2 pounds a week while following the diet. After purchase, immediate access to the system is granted. The basic version of the program costs $47 and includes the eBook and a meal generator. For an extra ten dollars, Strip That Fat Platinum offers calorie counting worksheets and healthy recipes to try.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


  • Strip That Fat distances itself from controversial diets such as the starvation diet and explains that you have to eat more to lose weight.
  • Dieters consume more than 3 meals throughout the day to avoid getting hunger pangs.
  • The diet generator is an innovative feature that makes it easy to eat your favorite foods and plan for grocery shopping.
  • The weight loss system was designed for long-term use, and states that those who follow the plan for a year can lose over 50 pounds.
  • Strip That Fat does not eliminate any food groups, dieters instead learn how lifestyle changes can allow them to eat the foods they love and get consistent weight loss.
  • Other online reviews have given positive feedback.


  • The initial weight loss claim of 14 pounds in the first 14 days might seem unreasonable. However, rapid weight loss is not uncommon when first starting a new diet program.

How Does Strip That Fat Work?

Weight loss through Strip That Fat provides dieters access to a balanced look at how real food and consistent exercise will help to permanently erase excess weight. The program looks at how low intensity workouts are easier on the body and can help you continue in your quest to burn fat. Sound nutritional advice included in the guide is how drinking more water and using portion control will result in weight loss. Instead of the traditional three meals a day, you eat 5 smaller meals, spaced no more than 4 hours apart to keep the metabolism burning. Strip That Fat also recognizes that fats are an essential part of weight loss. The program explains what fats to eat and how to get the right amount of proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains. The diet generator allows dieters to create printable shopping list and offers thousands of meal options to prevent boredom.


Offering a 60 day "iron clad" guarantee dieters have nothing to lose by trying Strip That Fat. Dieters can customize the plan in any way they choose and will learn lifelong healthy habits that will enrich their lives and strip away the fat for good.

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