Slim Shots Review
Does Slim Shots Cream the Competition?

Slim Shots

Slim Shots Overview

Slim Shots BoxSlim Shots might be the diet program that best combines convenience and innovation. Instead of relying on a diet pill or powder, Slim Shots are little shots that look and taste much like coffee creamer. However, its weight loss explanation leaves much to be desired. Slim Shots claims to help dieters lose weight by triggering the "ileal brake" which is the bodies' natural appetite controller. After taking a dose of Slim Shots the dieter's satiety or feeling of being full activates sooner and lasts longer. Leading dieters to consume less calories while on the program. Slim Shots originally launched in Europe and has been on the market for several years. Maureen McCormick of "The Brady Bunch" TV series is one of the products celebrity endorsers.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Purchasing one month's supply online at the official Web site offers an additional month's supply free.
  • Comes in popular flavors vanilla and chocolate.
  • Can be added to coffee, milk, cereal and food items.
  • Is stimulant and caffeine free so ideal for those with caffeine sensitivity or those who have high blood pressure.
  • Slim Shots are sugar free so safe for diabetics.
  • Since no refrigerator is needed for the product, they are convenient to carry and take when away from home.
  • Basic information on dieting and exercising is provided at the Slim Shots Web site.
  • Slim Shots can be purchased online and in stores.
  • One month's supply is around $40 a price most dieters can afford.


  • No information on how natural oat and palm oil, Slim Shots two main ingredients will help dieters trim calories or pounds.
  • Each shot contains 20 calories and 1 gram of saturated fat (2 grams of fat overall)

Slim Shot Warnings!

  • Consult with your doctor about how this product can affect you if taking prescription medications or some over the counter medications.
  • Contains the artificial sweetener, aspartame. Aspartame is considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration but individuals who suffer from the genetic disease, phenylketonuria (PKU) should avoid Slim shots.
  • Pregnant women should not take Slim Shots.

How Does Slim Shots Works?

For the first week on the plan dieters take a shot at breakfast and lunch time, after the first week dieters only take a shot at breakfast. Each shot contains natural oat and palm oil and can be taken alone, mixed into yogurt, tea or whichever method is most convenient for the dieter. By jump starting the day with Slim Shots dieters are lead to believe that they will eat less at each meal throughout the day thereby taking in fewer calories and forcing their bodies to lose weight.


During the writing of this review, Slim Shots is running a "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" promotion for $29.99. Shipping and handling will run $7.99 for a total of $37.98 for a 2 month supply.

Slim Shots Conclusion

Slim Shots might be a clever marketing gimmick but to date we have not received any negative feedback from readers who have tried this product. Although no data is available on why natural oat and palm oil will help dieters feel full, Slim Shots is an affordable option for those who need help with their diet.

Visit the official Slim Shots website for more information.

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