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Slim in 6 is a DVD workout series created by the Beachbody company. The series is one of the most popular DVD series released by the company and makes a rather daring claim – to reshape any user’s body in just six short weeks. Although the claims may seem daring, Beachbody does call in one of its most recognized fitness personalities to back up their declaration, Debbie Seibers. Fans of other Beachbody products might recognize the fitness expert from her earlier DVD program, Thin Thighs Guaranteed! or from segments on Body-by-Jake. An in-demand fitness expert, Debbie has also been featured on a number of TV programs.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Product guarantees are standard with Beachbody products. Slim in 6 allows uses 6 weeks to return the product if unsatisfied with the results.
  • Made by a well known company and features a respected fitness trainer.


  • Though Slim in 6 does contain some nutrition advice, it does not provide a complete diet plan.
  • Some users will not be able to progress through all the workouts in just six weeks.

How Does Slim in 6 Work?

Debbie packs a lot of exercises in this short workout program. The purchase of the kit includes a total of 6 workouts (three regular workouts and three included as extras). A slim training band, six-day diet guide and nutritional plan are also provided. Workouts revolve around light-resistance combined with cardio moves – exercises designed to maximize fat burning, slimming and sculpting in the six-week time frame. The exercise program is based on the three regular workouts, which starts with the Start It Up! package to get you confident in the basics. Users then move to the Ramp It Up! workout to boost the intensity level and calories burned. Finally, exercisers move on to the Burn It Up! workout for intense fat burning and sculpting. Each workout is done for six days a week with users moving up to the next level as their endurance increases.

Slim in 6 Conclusion

No, six-weeks is probably not enough time for a complete body makeover. It is, however, enough time for users to notice significant changes in inches lost, weight lost and overall appearance. For many individuals who struggle to find the motivation to exercise Slim in 6 may be a model way of staying encouraged and creating short term fitness goals that lead to long term success. As long as users expect reasonable results and take time to build a solid nutritional plan some weight loss and changes to the body should occur.

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