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It's a simple and scientifically proven fact. Weight lifting can help strengthen the bones and the muscles while fortifying the immune system. The biggest benefit for most women, however, is the fact that incorporating a weight training element into a diet can increase lean muscle mass and lead to more calories and fat burned. For women who have trouble committing to a weight training regime or who lack the time, the Shake Weight For Women might be an option to consider. The pulsating dumbbell is designed by FitnessIQ and works to tone and shape the upper body in just a few minutes a day.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • The Shake Weight For Women is portable enough to be kept at the office, be taken on a walk or carried in luggage when traveling on business.
  • Sturdy materials have been used in the weight that allows it to stand up to falls and other abuse.
  • The Shake Weight is fairly new but the product has quickly created a buzz for itself and has been highlighted in a number of TV programs, magazines and viral videos.
  • A 30-day refund is in place and Shake Weight will even cover the cost of return shipping.


  • The Shake Weight For Women only works on the arms, chest and shoulders but many women also need lower body strength training.


  • Some women have complained that the shaking motion causes neck pain and back pain. To avoid injury when in use, beginners should be careful to ensure that their shoulders are not hyperextended.

How Does The Shake Weight Work?

The Shake Weight is designed on the principle of Dynamic Inertia. The dumbbell only weighs 2.5 pounds and resembles a regular dumbbell in appearance. No batteries are used in the product, instead, the user initiates the motion then the dumbbell begins to vibrate. These vibrations cause the muscles to contract and relax to tone the upper body. To give women further guidance on how to use the product a short six-minute workout video is included.


The Shake Weight For Women is fun and since it takes just a few minutes a day, even the most busy moms and career women can fit the routine into their busy schedules. Available for around $20, the product is also comparable in price to traditional dumbbells. No, the shaking dumbbell by itself and a six-minute workout are not enough to support total body conditioning. The product, however, can help tone the arms and can be used along with additional weight training, aerobic exercises and dietary changes to get reasonable results.

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