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The Shake Weight is a pulsating dumbbell that launched an "arm-sculpting craze" and became an international success along the way. The product was originally designed just for women and released by FitnessIQ. Now, the company has created an exclusive shaking dumbbell just for males looking for support to sculpt and tone upper body muscles.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • The price tag of $30 is a little more expensive than a regular dumbbell but reasonable considering the technology used in the product. Since batteries are not required, the dumbbell is also free of maintenance costs.
  • Use the money back assurance within 30-days if not fully satisfied and the total purchase price and the cost of return shipping and handling fees are repaid.


  • The Shake Weight is not capable of providing lower body conditioning.


  • The Shake Weight For Men may be more intensive than most men are aware of. Overuse or incorrect form can strain the arms, neck or shoulders.

How Does The Shake Weight Work?

The Shake Weight For Men consists of a five pound dumbbell that includes a spring on each end. Men are directed to hold the dumbbell and shake the weight up and down; the action causes the spring to move back and forth, causing a vibration throughout the muscles of the shoulders, arms and chest. The pulsating movement makes the muscles rapidly contract and gives men a quick intense workout, capable of causing the arms to burn before the completion of the short routine.

The device is held in one or both arms depending on which exercise is being done and a six-minute workout video is included for guidance on learning the correct movements and proper form. Why is the entire exercise only six-minutes long? Evidently, the vibrating action works to cause more muscle contractions than traditional weight lifting and is as much as 300 percent more effective, giving men bigger, stronger and more defined muscles in much less time.


The Shake Weight For Men is no miracle product but evidence does suggest that it will provide some toning benefits. Men will still need to include traditional weight training activities, proper diet and cardiovascular elements to encourage fat loss and full-body sculpting. Taken as a whole, however, the device does not require any special training to do, can be done away from home and since it only takes six-minutes can be done while watching TV, taking a coffee break at work or at practically any other time convenient to the male user.

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william zinn
just did my first 6 min shake weight work out great job works like a charm :)
Posted On:October 13, 2011, 7:17 pm


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