The Rice Diet Review

(Not Recommended for Average Dieters)

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The Rice Diet

What is the Rice Diet?

The Rice Diet was created by Duke University and is designed to help people with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity.  Before we proceed let’s take note this is not a rice based diet.

The Rice Diet is a medically supervised program administered by doctors and nutrition experts from the Rice House in Durham, North Carolina.  You must travel to the Rice Diet Center in order to participate. 

The Rice Diet is not a typical diet that can be followed from the comfort of your own home since it’s medically supervised.  Hundreds of overweight people from around the world have traveled to Durham to take health classes and workshops under the supervision of Duke’s staff.  The average visit for dieters is anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.

How Does the Rice Diet work?

The diet program has two phases.  The first phase focuses mainly on grains and fruits (keep in mind, this is medically supervised).  During the second phase, other foods are introduced into the diet such as fish, vegetables, beans and other healthy carbohydrates.

We feel this type of program is remarkable and highly recommended for dangerously overweight people who have been struggling with obesity for the majority of their lives.  That being said, we do not recommend this type of diet for average dieters due to the obvious time and financial requirements to participate in such a diet. If you're interested in learning more about the Rice Diet, Click Here


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