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P90X Overview

P90X is one of the many fitness products available through BeachBody, a leader of in-home fitness programs. P90X is an extreme DVD based fitness training program designed to give exercisers a ripped body in only 90 days. The program is lead by and created by Tony Horton a personal trainer, celebrity trainer and creator of other DVD workouts through BeachBody including the popular Power 90 series.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • BeachBody has a great reputation and P90X has a high rate of customer satisfaction and legitimate testimonials from dieters who have found success on the program.
  • P90X is easy to purchase from BeachBody online or other trusted online retailers. The site offers a ton of information about the program.
  • P90X incorporates a nutrition plan and has supplement options for dieters who want this option.
  • The program is designed for men and women and workouts incorporate stretching, toning, warming up and cooling down to prevent injuries.


  • The P90X program calls for drastic changes in diet and intense daily exercises of longer than an hour. For some individuals keeping up with this pace and difficulty level will be hard.
  • Additional equipment such as a mat, pull-up bar, push-up bar, resistance band and hand weights will be needed for some exercises.
P90X Warnings!
  • P90X is an extreme exercise program, so those exercising for the first time in years or with lots of weight to lose should try another fitness program before attempting P90X.
How Does the P90X Program Works?

P90X Dvd'sP90X is made up 12 different workouts programs focusing on different areas and training methods including abs, yoga, chest, core, shoulders, legs and stretching. Tony uses muscle confusion to vary up the routines so the body does not reach a plateau. Exercises are bodyweight based as well as resistance based and daily workouts are done 6 days a week. During the program, a three-phase nutritional plan is also followed to help burn fat and increase energy and supplements are recommended to maximize results.

P90X Conclusion

Priced around $120, cheaper at Amazon.com, P90X is an affordable in-home workout regime. The program also offers online support to its customers and offers a full 90 day refund policy. Though the program is intensive, those who are already in decent shape can really take their fitness level up to the next step if they have the motivation and time to make P90X a success. Visit Amazon to purchase p90x.

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Best overall program available... i'm not going to lie, i threw up the first time I started but would do it again 100 times with the results i've seen while using this.
Posted On:August 22, 2010, 2:44 pm


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