Nutrex Lipo 6 Review
Rapid Fat Burning With Lipo-6

Nutrex Lipo 6

Lipo-6 Overview

Lipo-6, sold by Nutrex, provides the first liquid-capsule for fat burning. The liquid-capsule design allows the body to absorb more of the weight loss ingredients while also absorbing these ingredients faster. While following the program dieters take two of the capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and an additional 2 capsules are taken in the afternoon.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


  • Lipo-6 is an award winning fat burner. Through the Supplement Awards, it has won "Fat Loss Product of The Year," four years in a row from 2005 to 2008.
  • The product offers huge savings for those willing to buy in bulk.
  • Product is now 100% ephedra free.


  • Some dieters may find it difficult to give up their daily dosage of caffeine from coffee, tea or soda.
  • Lipo-6 is only designed for short term weight loss not to exceed 8 weeks.
  • Though a bottle only costs $40, only 60 capsules are provided in a bottle. This is only enough for a 15 day supply and some dieters may not want to invest $80 for a full month's supply.

Lipo-6 Warnings!

  • This dietary supplement was not designed for those younger than 18 and pregnant or nursing women. Fore more information about this, visit the official website.
  • The product also may not be suitable for those taking certain prescription medications or who have certain medical conditions such as liver disease or heart palpitations. Ensure the product is safe for you by consulting with your physician before taking.
  • Because this product contains the stimulant synephrine, dieters should not take any other caffeine or synephrine containing products while on this supplement.
  • Yohimbine has some serious possible side effects including seizures and hallucinations.

How Does Lipo-6 Work?

Lipo-6 is made up of several potent fat fighting ingredients. The primary ingredient is synephrine, a stimulant that is similar to ephedrine. Also known as bitter orange, synephrine has many of the same reported side effects such as jitters, elevation in blood pressure and adverse cardiac effects. Two additional stimulants Yohimbine and caffeine are both included. Yohimbine is also a sexual aphrodisiac and is a standardized form of the bark from the African Yohimbine tree. Bioperine a patented version of black pepper and is thought to help increase absorption of other vitamins, minerals and supplements. The final ingredient is Guggulsterones, a plant extract from the Gugul plant native to India thought to aid in thyroid production.


Dieters who have followed a strict diet plan and implemented a regular exercise plan have lost weight on Lipo-6. Because of the risk of crashing from the stimulants and possible adverse side effects, dieters who choose to try Lipo-6 should be cautious. This product might be best for those with a bodybuilding background.

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