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Very few women are completely satisfied with the way they look naked or when wearing a bikini. To combat the negative image that most women have about their appearance, Michele Promaulayko, the Editor in Chief of Women’s Health has created a 6-week plan to help women get lean, tight and toned. The Look Better Naked book touts itself as much more than a basic diet plan, it also functions as an exercise, beauty and self-confidence boosting plan.

Pros and Cons to Consider

Look Better Naked Book CoverPros

  • Exercise is emphasized with short workouts of 15 to 20 minutes a day, a number that most women can easily work into their schedules.
  • The program recommends reasonable exercise and nutrition guidelines that fit in with established practices.
  • The motivation to workout is a common problem that most women face. By including a “nude attitude adjustment” women learn to feel more comfortable in their own skin and get serious about making the changes they desire.


  • The short workouts might be ideal for fitting into a busy moms schedule but for effective fat-burning, workouts of 30 minutes or longer might be more appropriate.
  • The short plan offers a great start but women interested in losing a solid amount of weight will need to follow-up with another plan to take off serious pounds.

How Does Look Better Nude Work?

The book starts off with a two-day cleansing plan that focuses on green vegetables, green tea and lean proteins. After completing the cleanse, women consume 1,400 calories a day which includes the three major meals of the day along with two snacks. Super quick recipes are included in the book and meals are focused on foods that are high in antioxidants – with ingredients such as flaxseed, hummus and avocados making the list of power foods. The fitness section of the book covers metabolic workouts and strength-training exercises, these workout plans target the whole body with additional sections devoted toning specific body parts such as getting a flat belly. Further parts of the book teach women how to feel more confident when nude at any size. The book also addresses a number of grooming tips that women often ask about including body acne, waxing and shaving.

Look Better Naked Workouts Conclusion

Look Better Naked takes solid advice about dieting and exercise and combines it into one source, giving women a convenient way of accessing information related to exercise, dieting and lifestyle improvement. The fun healthy recipes and simple toning exercises alone would be enough to recommend this book. This along with the focus on improving skin and hair, pampering feet and encouraging women to accept their imperfections makes it a plan that every woman should try! For more information about the book click here.

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