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Joy’s LIFE Diet: Overview

Joy BauerDeveloped by Joy Bauer, a nutrition expert featured on the Today show, the LIFE diet is one of the programs most likely to succeed for those serious about shedding pounds. Organized around the acronym LIFE—for “Look Incredible, Feel Extraordinary”—the diet is not full of gimmicky “secrets” sure to lead to rapid failure or pills which can have dangerous or unwanted side effects.

Based on simple healthy eating habits and workout routines, you start with an intense week of stripping away unhealthful habits, followed by two weeks retraining yourself with a more healthful appetite. After this you construct a diet you can enjoy until reaching your goal weight. Finally, there is a “maintenance” diet to help you keep the pounds off. With online support from peers and expert dieticians, Joy’s LIFE Diet online program also provides the kind of continued guidance you can’t get from a book.

Pros and Cons to Consider


• Not a crash or gimmick diet
• Based on common sense science
• Guaranteed to keep the pounds off as long as you stick with it
• Online support can help you stick with the program
• Focuses not just on appearance, but on health—you feel better as you eat better
• Includes personalized exercise plans you can maintain over time
• Features hundreds of delicious and easy to prepare recipes


• Because it isn’t a gimmick, it might take longer to lose weight
• Some high fat foods available on other diets are not allowed
• Intensive first week “Release” program can be very challenging

How Does Joy’s LIFE Diet Work?

Joy’s LIFE Diet is based on the common sense of reducing calorie and fat consumption and increasing your activity level. It also replaces the low-quality junk food, empty of nutritional value, which ruins so much of our diet in this country with delicious and healthful alternatives. With the support of online counselors and peers, it is easier to keep up your new good habits.


The weight loss obsession in our culture has produced hundreds of trick diets which burn weight fast and bring it all back when the other shoe drops. Joy’s LIFE Diet organizes the common sense habits we are all familiar with and combines them with online support from around the world. In general if you are serious about losing weight, Joy’s LIFE Diet might be the smartest choice available. For more information, visit the official Joy Bauer website and get your free diet profile.

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lolaita perez
I found out about Joy after watching the today show. She always did such a good job explaining such complicated things about diet and weight loss. When I found out about the online program I had to check it out. I'm impressed with the massive amount of healthy recipes and weight loss guidance,
Posted On:January 11, 2010, 6:55 pm


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