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Operating since 1983, Jenny Craig is one of the oldest and most well respected diet programs on the market. Focusing on the food-mind-body connection the program offers a number of different programs at Jenny Craig centers all around the world and at home through the company's official website. A number of celebrities have lost weight on the program including: Valerie Bertinelli, Jason Alexander, Phylicia Rashad, Queen Latifah and Sarah Rue.

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Because Jenny Craig users can go to in-person meetings, the program offers the positive peer support and assistance needed to help beat weight loss hurdles.
  • A specific program for men, diabetics and mature adults means every dieter can find a program that suits their nutritional needs.
  • Jenny Craig provides one of the few programs tackling emotional overeating.
  • The center and home based versions of Jenny Craig both offer one-on-one relationships with counselors and anytime telephone support.


  • Pre-packaged meals teach portion control, but once dieters start fixing their own meals some tend to overeat and put weight back on.
  • The cost of purchasing one month of pre-packaged foods is several hundred dollars. Some dieters have also complained about the taste of the food.

How the Jenny Craig Program Works?

Dieters start the Jenny Craig program by discussing their needs with a weight loss consultant. A low calorie diet plan consisting of nutritionally balanced pre-packaged meals will be provided fitting users specific nutritional needs. Dieters can choose to have their food delivered right to their doors and connect with the program online or make use of Jenny Craig centers and attend regular meetings. Dieters are not just provided the food however; they receive education to help with building a balanced relationship to food. The use of small, frequent portions is encouraged to prevent overeating. The prepackaged meals are also supplemented with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products. Though the focus is on reducing calories, no foods are taboo.

To focus on improving the body, users of the program are encouraged to up physical activity. Dieters are taught how exercise can help to increase energy levels and speed up weight loss. Support is given to help eliminate barriers to physical fitness and get dieters to a place where exercise becomes a part of their daily lives. The final element of the program focuses on the mind. Dieters receive constant support and encouragement while being prompted to remain positive, make goals and stay motivated.

Jenny Craig Conclusion

For dieters looking for a traditional weight loss approach with a peer and expert support Jenny Craig delivers. Though the program is not the cheapest weight loss plan on the market dieters can choose between several levels of membership and select to supplement some of the packaged meals with homemade or store brought items. The upshot of the Jenny Craig program is that it offers a well rounded and medically approved method of losing weight. Click here for more information about the Jenny Craig Diet Program.

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