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Hard-core Exercisers Can Kick it up a Notch with the Insanity Workout

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With the Insanity Workout, Beachbody has once again managed to create a stir in the home fitness DVD industry. The 60-day total conditioning program was released in 2009 and has quickly became one of the hottest products on the market for those looking to get intense results in a short amount of time. The system was created by one of the fastest rising stars in the fitness industry, Shaun T. The professional dancer, actor and choreographer has been receiving a lot of attention and acclaim in recent years with his innovative products including the highly successful Hip Hop Abs.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • With his background in sports education, dance and theater, Shaun easily motivates and charms while giving the routine a fun hip vibe capable of impressing adults both young and old.
  • No equipment is needed here. Instead, the exercises use the bodies own resistance and power to create a hard-core cardio workout that burns the pudge and amps up the metabolism.


  • The Intensity Workout series uses intense cardio that only get more difficult as the workout progresses.


  • This program is likely not suitable for the obese, or those seriously out of shape, as it involves jumping, kicking and lots of up and down movements. To avoid safety issues, speak with your doctor before tying out the Insanity Workout.

How Does the Insanity Workout Work?

Insanity steps up typical home weight loss efforts with 10 different workouts. After receiving the Insanity Workout DVD kit in the mail users get started by taking the Insanity Fit Test. To do the test, exercisers do eight different exercises at full steam for one full minute then record the number of reps accomplished. This fitness test will give exercisers an indicator of their current fitness level and their capability to safely complete the Insanity program. The test is also repeated several times throughout the 60-day challenge to note improvements. Exercises used in the program are based around interval training, but with a spin. Traditional interval training features short bursts of high-intensity and long recovery periods; here users do the exact opposite, completing long-bursts of high-intensity exercises with short recovery periods.

Insanity Workout Conclusion

Users of Shaun T’s previous offerings who consider themselves “dance challenged” will appreciate the chance to experience his high-energy routines in a sports focused package. There is no doubt that with the extreme cardio routine provided here, Shaun will have users sweating, melting away fat and morphing their bodies into sleek well toned machines.

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One of the most challenging workouts i have ever had
Posted On:August 16, 2010, 8:35 pm


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