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Healthy eating with Ellie Krieger is based on Ellie Krieger’s years of experience as a qualified nutritional expert. Ellie is well known as the presenter of the food network show “Healthy Appetites” and has appeared on numerous television shows and in many magazines as a diet and fitness expert. She has brought her years of experience together to build an on-line program that any-one can join and benefit from a personalized program to suit their lifestyle and goals. The program is related to her book “Small changes, Big results” and her food network show “Healthy Appetites.”

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Program is easy to access on-line
  • Ellie Krieger is a well known and well respected weight loss and nutrition expert
  • Program is personalized for each person and their own goals.
  • Designed to fit into a busy lifestyle
  • Classic recipes are updated to healthy alternatives suitable for all the family
  • No foods are forbidden
  • Three meals and two snacks a day is sufficient for most people
  • Huge variety of recipes and foods
  • Daily meal and exercise planner along with food logs, shopping lists and exercise logs available as on-line tools
  • Some effort made to address the mental aspects of weight loss.
  • Balanced exercise plan
  • The food network show “ Healthy Appetites” demonstrates the recipes.
  • Exercise is a vital part of the program (exercise is a part of healthy living but not every-one wants it as part of their diet plan.)
  • Not face to face in a physical sense
  • The plan involves cooking meals rather than eating ready prepared foods most of the time.
  • Not the cheapest plan available
How Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger works

elThe Healthy eating with Ellie Krieger plan is a lifestyle plan that combines healthy eating and exercise to improve overall health. The program is aimed towards weight loss through living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy foods and reducing stress. Ellie aims to give participants the tools in the form of menus, recipes and encouragement to make life-long changes that will last after the “diet” stops. The plan is basically a low calorie, low fat one, with exercise added to tone the body and improve fitness and well-being.


A well thought out and balanced plan that includes foods that most people would eat most days anyway. The plan would be easy to use in a normal family environment without preparing special meals for the dieter. It includes sweet treats so it is not necessary to feel deprived while you are on this diet. The main benefit of the Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger plan is its effort to address the mental aspects of weight loss. For more information, visit the Healthy Living with Ellie Krieger website.

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Zelma Elks
I loved watching Ellie on the food network and had to try the program. So far I love it! 5lbs and counting.
Posted On:August 26, 2010, 4:02 pm


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