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genotype diet recipesThe GenoType diet is a follow on from the popular and successful blood type diet. Dr Peter D’Adamo has done more research since he published the “Eat right for your type” diet. He has expanded on his original classification by blood type and describes people as falling into one of six genotypes. The diet has a comprehensive questionnaire to help you work out which of the six types you are.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • The GenoType diet is available as a hardback book, online diet club or in DVD or audio forms
  • Easy to use lists of foods to eat and foods to avoid, no weighing or measuring.
  • Different types of exercise program are recommended for different genotypes.
  • May exclude foods that make it difficult to get a healthy diet. For example if you have to avoid dairy foods then you have to pay attention to getting enough Calcium in your diet.
  • Recipes are only available on-line, not in the book. On-line access is by subscription only.
  • Often excludes foods that people like making it difficult to stick to without cheating.
  • Hard to use as a family if family members are different genotypes
  • The scientific basis for the diet is shaky.

How the GenoType works

Dr D’Adamo doesn’t claim to change your genotype. He says the diet works by incorporating and excluding certain foods that work to your genotype’s advantage. He likens the theory of the diet to a town meeting where the “volume” of certain genes is turned up and others are turned down by the foods we eat. This leads to better health and weight loss.


The GenoType diet works well for people able to follow it. It is easy to understand how to follow it, but often excludes foods that people want to eat. Scientific studies have shown that following the GenoType diet does result in improved health and weight loss, but this could simply be the result of healthier eating patterns and exercise, not specific to the diet. For more information, visit the official GenoType Diet website.

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