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Too many diets are all about counting each calorie and carefully monitoring what dieters eat. Fullbar is an attempt to create a simpler and easier approach through consumption of foods that fill the body up to encourage consumption of smaller portion sizes. The plan is the brainchild of bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael A. Snyder who wanted to create a surgery-free alternative to the techniques used in weight-loss surgery. The pre-meal snacks are sold by Fullbar, LLC and are intended to reduce the amount of space available in the stomach, naturally working to help dieters feel full when eating less.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Order online or pick up at a local retail chain.
  • Encourages users to eat less at each meal, a simple trick to aid in weight loss.
  • Some users report that bars are great for cutting back on snacking in-between meals.


  • Users have complained about ingredients included in some flavors. Ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup do not support healthy weight loss.
  • Each bar is packed full of fiber, this along with the advice to consume each bar with a glass of water is likely the cause of feeling full.
  • No fat burning ingredients are provided in the bars and the products also suffer from a lack of nutritional value.

How Does Fullbar Work?

The original product offered by Fullbar, LLC is the actual Fullbar, a snack bar similar to a granola bar that may contain wheat, soy, honey, puffed grains and other ingredients. Currently the bars are available in six different flavors including coca chip, caramel apple crisp and zesty lemon lime. Dieters eat two bars a day, 30 minutes before their two largest meals of the day with a glass of water. The bars bulk up in the stomach, increasing satiety and making it easy to eat less at meal time. The product line has been expanded with a line of crispy treats, sweet snacks, beverages and protein bars for additional variety.

Fullbar Conclusion

Although a Fullbar may taste good, some varieties are packed full of fat and partially hydrogenated oils. Some users might prefer to just consume a high-fiber diet instead of relying on these snack bars to control their diet. For those who hate counting calories or just want a convenient way to stay full on the go, a Fullbar can help achieve this goal. The bars contain natural ingredients and the variety of products offered including drinks, protein bars and chocolates offers a great variety of products to help dieters reach their weight loss goals. For more info visit the official Fullbar website.

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