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For dieters looking for a weight loss supplement that actually tastes good and is convenient to take, the answer just might be Fibretrim, a weight loss drink mix containing high amounts of fiber. Although the drink mix is relatively new to the market Natures Remedies Ltd, the company behind the successful weight loss formula Zotrim, makes it. The UK based company has received tons of positive press with Zotrim, a brand of herbal pills that contain stimulants and appetite suppressants. The same formula used in Zotrim has been combined with a few other ingredients and turned into the Fibretrim drink.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Respected publications have done studies on Zotrim and concluded it can help dieters lose weight.
  • On average, users taking Fibretrim consumed 200 less calories each day and lost around 2 pounds a week – a safe, steady reduction in weight.


  • 1 box only contains 20 servings and costs about $40. For uses who take 2 servings a day, one box will only be enough for 10 days, meaning a significant amount of money will have to be spent to get a full months supply.

How Does Fibre Trim Work?

Dieters do not fail because they are unwilling to make a commitment to losing weight. Instead, these individuals find themselves unable to resist the constant cravings that pop up and the desire to snack between meals. Fibretrim claims to help dieters with this problem by taking the power of Zotrim and turning it into a high-fiber beverage. Yerba mate, Guarana and damiana, the three main ingredients found in Zotrim are included in the drink mix – together these ingredients allow users to feel full when eating less, making it less likely that the dieter will feel the need to snack between meals or crave high-fat foods and unhealthy sweets.

Inulin, a natural source of dietary fiber is also a part of the Fibretrim formula. This perbiotic is made from chicory roots and acts as a fuel for good bacteria in the colon and digestive system while enhancing overall health. The benefits of inulin include the ability to boost the immune system, reduce allergies, improve digestion and encourage weight reduction. The drink can be taken 20 minutes before breakfast and a second dose taken 20 minutes before the evening meal.

Fibretrim Conclusion

Natures Remedies Ltd has a great reputation for creating weight loss products that are a hit with customers and which are verified through independent product tests. The probiotic benefits and proven appetite suppression powers of Fibretrim makes this product one that dieters of all ages can benefit from. For more info, visit the official Fibre Trim website.

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