Dr. A's Habits of Health
by Dr. Wayne Andersen

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Optimal health is no longer a figure of speech. Dr. Wayne Andersen [Medical Director for Medifast] has created an incredibly easy-to-follow blueprint that details exactly how to lose weight and gain a lifetime of health by using four phases: Beginning the Weight Loss, Incorporating the Habits of Health, Optimizing Health, and Longevity. Each phase compliments the other and gives just the right foundation to reach and maintain a health weight.

The first few chapters are dedicated to the long history of the human body and diseases caused by obesity. Dr. A does a phenomenal job of explaining why we crave certain foods and why our appetites just can't be satisfied sometimes.


  • Lifestyle approach to weight loss (i.e. emphasis on both diet and exercise).
  • Book comes complete with recommended recipes and exercises.
  • Dr. A has an extensive background in weight management.
  • Program can be used by diabetics.
  • Book is full color and very easy to read.


  • None to speak of.

How does Dr. A's Habits of Health Work?

As mentioned earlier, the beginning of the book focuses on helping dieters understand how the human body has evolved over the past 10,000 years. This part of the book was very entertaining and really puts the evolution of our bodies into perspective. After all, I don't know too many people that still hunt their food. Here is an overview of the 4 phases towards reaching optimal health.

Reaching Your Healthy Weight: This phase provides a blueprint for safe, rapid weight loss and teaches dieters how to control energy intake(i.e. food consumption). Dr. A also introduces the reader to the convenience and nutrition of PCMR's (portioned controlled meal replacements) such as Medifast Meals. A true eye opener was learning how the body's insulin levels respond to the foods you eat.

Learning The Habits of Health - After your reach your healthy weight you move to phase II. This phase reinforces everything learned in phase I so optimal health can be maintained (eating every three hours, drinking cold water, etc.) but also teaches the importance of sleep, exercise, and building a support system.

Optimizing Your Health - This portion of the book highlights the effects stress and inflammation can have on the body. It also shows how to fine tune your health by using certain nutrients and vitamins that help the body's immune system and functionality.

Thriving Longer - This phase puts the icing on the cake (figuratively speaking). After all the hard work is done the reader will be shown the habits of longevity and how to create a healthy environment.


The cost for Dr. A's Habits of Health is an affordable $34.95 (according to Amazon.com). Visit Amazon.com and get your copy.


Dr. A's Habits of Health is an extremely well written book with plenty of information on getting your weight under control. Dr. Andersen's plan to optimal health is one of the most complete programs we've reviewed and his experience in the subject matter is very evident. This book was a very easy read and the information provided is invaluable. To read some snippets or purchase your copy of Dr. A's Habits of Health click here.

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