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Lifestyle Diets

Lifestyle DietsWith a strong foundation, these diets help create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weight lost while following this type of diet plan statistically has a higher chance of staying off. We highly recommend lifestyle based diets that include exercise programs to ensure long term health benefits and success.

Example Lifestyle Diets:




Meal Based Diets

meal based dietsMeal based diets are geared towards the types of foods you should be eating to lose weight healthfully. Although some of the diets below are very restrictive, meal based diets can be great to develop healthy eating habits. Select one of our reviews below.

Example Meal Based Diets:


Fitness Programs

fitness reviewsFitness based programs are the backbone of any diet. They not only promote weight loss but have lasting health benefits which include the following: Combats chronic disease, relieves stress, healthier heart & lungs, better sleep, increased libido, and more. See our list of fitness programs below.


Examples Fitness Products and Programs:

Fitness Programs


Diet Supplement Reviews

Diet Supplement ReviewsDiet supplements and pills may not be beneficial to everyone. In fact, the only supplements we recommend are daily multi-vitamins. Supplements can offer some support to those who have a hard time losing weight naturally but one should always consult a doctor before using.

Example Diet Supplements:

Diet Supplements


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