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Diet Direct


Diet Direct sells weight loss products and supplements at cheap prices. The meals and meal replacement products that they sell are well known brands, mostly in the high protein area of weight loss. Diet Direct sell many different vitamins and herbal supplements; some aimed at weight loss and some at general health.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Wide range of products including meals, shakes, bars, powders and snack foods
  • Lower prices than other sources
  • Weight loss kits available
  • Additional supplements available covering a wide range of conditions in addition to weight loss products
  • Site is easy to navigate


  • Not a weight loss program
  • Mostly suitable for high protein low carbohydrate meal replacement diets.

How Diet Direct Works

Diet direct specializes in selling weight loss products direct to the public on line. They sell mainly high protein meal replacements, including complete weight loss kits, but some low fat alternatives are offered. Diet direct sell dietary supplements aimed at helping you lose weight such as hoodia and weight loss patches. Some of these a proven and some are not. The site offers a wide range of vitamin and herbal supplements for other health conditions.


Diet Direct is a good source of high protein alternatives to the normal meals that you eat. They sell meal alternatives, meal replacements and snack foods. Diet direct does not offer dietary advice and support. Diet direct is an online supermarket for diet and health products and if you are confident in your weight loss program they are a good source of products. To find a supplement, visit Diet Direct.

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