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Cheat Your Way Thin has been capturing dieter's attention from its name alone. Joel Marion a certified fitness instructor and sports nutritionist created this downloadable weight loss eBook. Most diets aim to create a consistent nutrition plan, where dieters avoid fatty foods and junk food. Cheat Your Way Thin does just the opposite. Dieters eat lean healthy foods then cheat with fatty and not-so healthy food items that they truly crave. By cheating, the body is unable to go into starvation mode and the metabolism does not slow down. The basic package is available for less than $50.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Not every diet plan will be a match for everyone. Dieters who discover this plan is not for them can take advantage of the 60-day refund policy.
  • Most eBooks offer a deluxe upgrade. Cheat Your Way Thin however, offers valuable products that new dieters can really use for an additional $30. Benefits include a personal email consultation with Joel, 12 weeks of planned out meals, over 100 recipes to add variety and bonus workouts.
  • Joel has the educational expertise necessary to craft a weight loss book. He graduated from the College of New Jersey with a bachelor's degree in exercise science. His magazine credits include Maximum Fitness and Men's Fitness. The anti-dieting expert has also made guest television appearances and shares his knowledge on SIRIUS satellite radio.
  • The proof is in the customer testimonials and before and after pictures featured on the Cheat Your Way Thin Web site. Searches on diet review sites online also reveal a high number of satisfied customers.


  • Even though dieters get to cheat one day of the week, the other six days require following a very restricted diet. This may be a challenge to some dieters.
  • Joel lists a huge amount of scientific based research studies on his Web site to back up his claims that his program works. Though the concepts behind Joel's program may have been well-studied and proven effective, the actual program itself has not been scientifically examined.

How the Cheat Your Way Thin Program Works?

Though all dieters are familiar with the idea of cheating on a diet, Joel strategically uses cheating to prevent the problems dieters often face by cutting back on calories – the metabolism slowing down. The program starts with a restricted priming phase where low Glycemic foods and very little carbs are consumed. The phase lasts for 3 weeks, with a cheat day on the first and last day. In the following core and maintenance phase's dieters switch between intervals of low and higher carb and Glycemic index foods. A once a week cheat day allows consumption of any food desired.

Cheat Your Way Thin Conclusion

Though Joel pays a lot of attention to dieting, exercise is not neglected. High intensity cardio is done at least three times a week to aid in weight loss. The program is based on sound scientific research and Joel has crafted a program that will work equally well for men and women.

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