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The release of Blake Kassel's Bodylastics resistance workout bands has revolutionized the art of home exercise equipment.  Since 1998, Bodylastics has been working hard to replace the "free weights" mentality with an easier and more convenient method known as resistance training.  With the addition of their newest product line designed by NFL superstar Terrell Owens, Bodylastics has catapulted to new levels of fitness.  Offering over 140 different workouts, Bodylastics has essentially eliminated the need for a gym membership.

What are Bodylastics?

Bodylastics / TO Bands are made of stretchable rubber tubing where the weight is measured by resistance.  Comparable to the effects of rubber bands, the more bands that are combined, the more the resistance/weight increases.  With an infinite number of exercises that can be performed, BL bands has everything needed to work the core muscles as well as your biceps, chest, legs, buttocks, back, triceps, and more.  Additionally, with the circuit training DVD (included only with certain packages) losing weight and burning fat has never been more convenient.

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • Can be used anywhere (gym, home, hotel, office, etc.)
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Easier on the joints than free weights
  • Lifetime warranty
  • More affordable than gym memberships and most home fitness equipment (such as Bowflex and soloflex).
  • Purchase gives access to online video tutorials on how to do over 100 different exercises at home.


  • Tubing is made out of latex which may not be suitable to those who are allergic.

How does it work?

TO Bands can be used two ways.  By hooking up the door anchor or using your body to create resistance.  An example of using your body is standing in the center of tubing and using the handles as a replacement for dumbbells.  The only thing missing in our opinion is a treadmill but you can always do that the old fashioned way.


The fact that Bodylastics is a complete home fitness system it’s defiantly worth the small investment but it’s still not a magic solution to getting in shape.  You still have to make time to get the most out of it.  The only concern is that the convenience of working out at home may be too much for some people i.e. “I can do it later”.  Sometimes having the monthly gym dues is the only motivation we need.  To learn how to order the Bodylastics TO Bands system, visit

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