Body Slimming Toe Ring Review
The Body Slimming Toe Ring Promotes Fashion...Not Weight Loss

Body Slimming Toe Ring


Forget about pills, patches, and drinks... the latest weight loss aid is not what you put in your body, it's what you put on your body. The Body Slimming Toe Ring is a piece of jewelry that claims to use the ancient practice of acupressure to help dieters shed pounds. Acupressure, to stimulate certain points in the body and naturally cure the body of ailments, is a Chinese technique dating back to ancient times. Dieters on this program simply put on the rings and go about their daily lives. However, can weight loss really occur by slipping on a ring? Read on to find out!

Pros and Cons to Consider

  • No harmful side effects, drug interactions or overdose concerns to worry about.
  • The Body Slimming Toe Ring is made from non-allergenic soft silicone and is comfortable to wear while walking and doing other activities.
  • Since the product is permanent, it only carries a one time, low cost fee for the initial purchase of rings.


  • No clinical studies, acupressure research, or other medical information is given to back up any claims on the site.
  • Exercise and diet are not mentioned in this program.

How Does Body Slimming Toe Ring Works?

Body Slimming Toe RingWith this diet plan, dieters purchase two acupressure toe rings made of silicone. These rings contain magnets, with 1100 gauss to stimulate the pressure points in the feet and boost the power of acupressure. One ring is placed on the left big toe and the other ring goes over the right big toe. According to the manufacturer, these rings stimulate the pressure points on the big toe and second toe, working to curb appetite. Wearing the rings will also allow dieters to be more aware of their core muscles and causes them to use them more and make them stronger. Dieters simply put on the rings and wear throughout the day.


If only losing weight was as simple as putting on a piece of jewelry. Though acupressure has been used safely for thousands of years, it has not been verified as a weight loss aid. At best, acupressure may help relief tension on areas of the body on which it is used. Bottom line, the Body Slimming Toe Ring is a gimmick and if dieters want to loose weight diet and exercise will be required. The products lack of information on the Web site should show dieters its claims have not been proven. Similar to acupressure, acupuncture might offer dieters some weight loss benefits. If you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss consulting a certified acupuncturist might be beneficial.

Visit the official Slimming Toe Ring website for more information.

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