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bio trainerThe Biotrainer is an activity monitor that allows you to measure your daily activity. The Biotrainer is far more than a pedometer. Pedometers only measure steps taken, and do that inaccurately. The Biotrainer uses space age NASA technology to measure velocity and intensity of exercise and contains an accelerometer that measures whole body movements from minor movements to hard physical exertion. The display tells you the amount of activity you have undertaken through your day and the number of calories burned.

Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Clinically tested
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Uses easily available batteries
  • Simple display of data
  • Stores data for up to nine days
  • Reasonably priced
  • Proven to be very accurate in activity monitoring and calorie calculations
  • On-line system allows measurement of calorie and nutrient intake.


  • BioTrainer will not make you lose weight or get fit; it is a measuring tool to calculate how much energy you are expending.
  • Cannot be worn for swimming and does not measure extra calories used in resistance type exercise, eg bike riding or weight training.

How the BioTrainer works

bio trainerSpace age technology has been used to insert the accelerometer into a pager-sized device that simply clips on to your belt, or another piece of clothing. The Biotrainer measures not only steps taken but also the actual intensity of your exercise. This activity monitor gives a more accurate measure of your daily exercise than a simple pedometer.

For people following a weight loss program the Biotrainer website provides an online service logging calorie intake as well as calorie use to track possible weight loss.


The Biotrainer is a useful tool for measuring activity. It is more accurate than a pedometer for both the physically fit and for those who are obese or following a weight loss program. The NASA technology overcomes many of the problems of a traditional pedometer, making this a useful tool for the seriously fit and those serious about becoming fit.

The best weight loss program is burning more calories than you eat and the Biotrainer allows you to track how many calories you are burning accurately. For more information visit the Bio Trainer website.

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