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The Air Climber is a stair climber with an innovative feature that makes it more accessible to the average exerciser, it actually includes air! Users have commented that the product though simple looking and easy to do offers an intense workout experience. All while encouraging the user to have fun and delivering fast results. The company behind the Air Climber is Tristar Products Inc. a large company that sells a number of fitness products including the well known Ab Roller. Brenda Dygraf a personal trainer endorses the product and leads the workout DVDs.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


  • The Air Climber does not feature stick thin models in its success stories. Instead, the website features average users with believable results.
  • No floor work is needed and since users stand up when using the product, no strain is placed on the knees!
  • The combination of cardio, toning and full body movement will provide much better results than workouts that only focus on the abs.
  • With adult supervision, children aged 12 and up can use the Air Climber.
  • Individuals weighing up to 300 lbs can safely use this stair climber.


  • Customers have complained that the Air Climber is poor quality and the awkward construction makes it difficult to use.
  • $120 for a stair climber may seem excessive to some individuals.
  • May slide when placed on carpet and could cause a fall or injury.
  • The product uses air and may deflate when used by heavier individuals.

How does the Air Climber Work?

The Air Climber features two individual pedals that the user steps on to climb. The device is filled with air, as the user presses down the air provides resistance and according to the manufactures powers up the workout. Besides working the legs, resistance bands are included for the upper body. These resistance bands can be used to get a full body workout and also help users keep their balance. The use of air supposedly helps to eliminate the normal jarring of the joints that can happen when exercising. Several DVD packages are included with the purchase of the Air Climber including cardio, fat burning and abs to jump start weight loss.


Users report mixed results when using the Air Climber. However, the product features a 60 day warranty and does come fully assembled. Users may want to take advantage of the trial offer before committing to a large scale purchase.

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Posted On:July 11, 2010, 10:36 pm


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