Acai Berry Select Review
Combines Antioxidant Benefits But What About Weight Loss?

Acai Berry Select

Acai Berry Select Overview

Acai Berry Select is one of the newest weight loss products to cash in on the recent acai berry trend. Sold by Health Buy, Acai Berry Select claims its weight loss pills will help you to lose weight, burn fat, increase metabolism and heighten energy.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


  • Contains green tea and caffeine both effective weight loss aids.
  • Product offers a full 90-day refund policy which covers opened or unopened bottles.
  • Acai Berry Select offers their full list of ingredients to review online.


  • Chromium is a controversial weight loss supplement. Though it is already present in the foods we eat, excess consumption is associated with chromosome damage and cancer.
  • Although the company offers a free 15 day trial, they don't provide full disclosure. After signing up for the free trial, you are automatically enrolled in an auto ship program.

Acai Berry Select Warnings!

  • Acai Berry Select contains caffeine, making it unsuitable for those with sensitivity to caffeine. While taking the pill, dieters should also cut back on their daily caffeine intake to avoid side effects such as headaches, elevated blood pressure, irritability, sleeplessness and other problems associated with caffeine excess.
  • This product is not suitable for children. Pregnant and nursing women, those taking any prescriptions and individuals with a heart condition should consult with their doctor before trying Acai Berry Select.

Where Can I Buy This Supplement?

Acai berry select is not available in stores. You can buy this weight loss formula online using the links below.

How Does Acai Berry Select Work?

The primary ingredient in Acai Berry Select is the acai berry, the fruit of palm trees indigenous to the Amazon River Basin. Acai berries are becoming well known in the health and wellness industry because of their high antioxidant levels which helps protect against free radical damage. However, the acai berry has no verifiable weight loss benefits.

Green tea which does have scientific backing for successfully helping in weight loss is also in the capsule as is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that is well known for helping to control the appetite, remove excess water weight and offers a thermogenic boost, which can increase calorie burning. The mineral Chromium which helps transport blood sugar from the bloodstream to use as energy is also included. Last but not least is the amino acid L-Theanine, which is found in tea and has stress reducing and infection fighting benefits. While following the diet, dieters simply take a pill 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch.


The high antioxidant content and inclusion of green tea and caffeine make Acai Berry Select an ideal fat burning and weight loss aid for those who can safely consume caffeine

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