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Subway Diet Plan


Subway Diet Plan Review:: Overview

The subway diet plan became massively popular in 2000 when the story of Jared Fogle, who lost 245 pounds in a year by replacing two meals a day with a subway sandwiches, became public. An old college roommate ran into him and didn’t recognize him. Jared revealed the secret of his weight loss and the roommate wrote a small story in the local paper about his Subway Diet success. The local Subway storeowner saw the potential of the idea, and after a few hurdles the Subway Diet Plan was launched in 2000.

Subway Diet Plan Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider


• Meals are prepared for you and are easy to get. No fancy ingredients or special shopping lists are required.
• The diet is very easy to follow.
• If you have a subway store local to you then the diet is easy and convenient.
• The meal deal is affordable for most people. If you pick this option remember to have a diet soda or water for the drink and the fruit option for dessert.


• A limited range of options are available
• Sandwiches must be on six-inch wheat bread with no added cheese, mayo or dressings.

How does the subway diet plan work?

Subway Diet PlanThe Subway diet plan is a low calorie diet. To follow the plan you have fruit or a low calorie alternative for breakfast and then have a low fat Subway sandwich or low fat meal deal for your other two meals in the day. There are seven choices of sandwich that are recommended if you follow the diet. These are all below six grams in fat. You cannot have any mayo, cheese or salad dressing on the sandwich but flavour can be added with mustard or vinegar. By doing this your calorie intake will fall to around 900 calories a day, which guarantees weight loss. The Subway diet plan recommends that exercise is added to the dietary restrictions, but Jared did this by walking to the Subway store. No special equipment is needed. Subway sandwiches have salad and protein so by picking different varieties nutritional requirements are not a problem.

Does the subway diet plan really work?

The Subway diet plan works. Hunger may be an issue initially but the options offered are all high fibre and so hunger should not be a problem once the body has adjusted to the plan. Some will power and commitment is needed, as the Subway diet plan does not include snacks. This can be overcome by saving the apple chips for later if late night snacking may be a problem.

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