Slim Fast Diet Review

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Slim Fast Diet

Slim fast Diet Review :: Overview

The Slim fast diet was introduced in 1977 and has since become the leading weight loss brand in the US. In the early days it was a straight milk based shake diet, where meals were replaced with shakes until the desired weight loss was achieved. Research into diet and weight loss has seen the program change into a much more developed and well-rounded one.

Slim fast Diet Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Slim Fast Diet BoxWell known brand
  • Good support system with twenty-four seven help line available
  • Evening meal can be personalized
  • Advice on eating provided
  • Snack bars are high protein to help quash hunger pangs
  • Nutritionally complete in terms of vitamins and minerals


  • Limited variety of bars and shakes available
  • Hunger may be a problem
  • Rebound weight gain can be a problem with low calorie diets

How does the Slim fast Diet work?

Slim Fast Diet CanThe Slim fast diet is a low calorie plan. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are replaced with shakes or meal bars and a low calorie meal is eaten in the evening. Guidance on this meal is available via the help-line and brochures. The manufacturers of the Slim Fast diet recommend an exercise plan in conjunction with the meal plan to boost weight loss. The meals and shakes have been developed to contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals so they do present a nutritionally complete diet, they are also high protein which helps prevent hunger.

Slim fast Diet Review :: Conclusion

The Slim Fast diet is the leading brand in the US for a reason, it works. You will lose weight if you follow the Slim Fast diet plan, but following the plan can be difficult. Hunger can be a problem. To get the best out of the Slim Fast diet plan take advantage of the help line they provide for guidance on your eating, and on what to eat when you reach your goal weight.

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