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Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Review :: Overview

The Mediterranean diet has been developed by health professionals as an answer to research that showed that Mediterranean people lived longer and suffered from fewer heart problems. The researchers decided that this was in a large part due to the traditional diet of the region and the Mediterranean diet was born.

Mediterranean Diet Review :: Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Easy to follow
  • No weighing or measuring required
  • Not designed as a weight loss diet
  • Can be an ongoing plan
  • Shown to be effective in preventing heart disease, certain cancers, and diabetes
  • A wide variety of tastes can be catered for.
  • Lose up to 10lbs in 5 weeks.


  • People may struggle to follow the plan if they are not used to the style of food
  • Cooking of fresh food is required
  • Not originally designed for weight loss.

How Does the Mediterranean Diet Work?

Mediterranean Diet MenuThe Mediterranean diet was not developed for weight loss, but rather as a way of healthy eating to promote health and well being.  The diet incorporates the traditional foods from the areas surrounding the Mediterranean, including Greece, Italy, Spain, North Africa and parts of the Middle East. This allows for a wide variety of flavours and dishes to be eaten. The main rules of the diet are

  • Lots of fruit and vegetables
  • Wholegrain cereal products allowed
  • Olive oil is the main source of fat, other fats are reduced
  • Eggs are limited
  • The main protein sources are lean meat, poultry and fish. Red meat is limited
  • Red wine is encouraged in moderation

The emphasis is on making eating an occasion with meals being long lasting and tasty, to be enjoyed as a family occasion.  Regular exercise is recommended.

Mediterranean Diet Menu - Sample(s)

  • Breakfast - Olive Oil Toast and Yogurt with Blueberries and Almonds.
  • Lunch - Mediterranean Bean Salad with Cheese and Kiwi.
  • Dinner - Lemon Pepper Salmon with Lentil Rice and Spinach Salad
  • Snack - Apple with Goat Cheese

Mediterranean Diet Review :: Conclusion

The Mediterranean diet is not a weight loss plan. It is a way of eating that is advised to promote a healthy and long life. It has been shown to prevent diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers. By following the Mediterranean diet overweight people are likely to lose weight, but some calorie counting may be required. To learn more, visit the official Mediterranean Diet website.


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Mediterranean Diet



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