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Life Support Diet



Life Support Diet ™ Overview

Life Support Diet

The Life Support Diet ™ is a dietary supplement promoting weight loss by suppressing the appetite using one of America's most popular weight loss ingredients Hoodia Gordonii. The main ingredient used in the Life Support Diet ™ Herbal Supplement (Hoodia) has been featured in Oprah's "O" magazine, CBS News, and 60 minutes. Due to the popularity of Hoodia many companies have taken advantage of consumers claiming to provide 100% pure hoodia. The Life Support Diet ™ guarantees 100% pure South African Hoodia in every bottle with weight loss results seen within 1 to 3 weeks of use.


Pros to Consider

  • Blocks 100% of appetite.
  • No known side effects (i.e. jitters or increased heart rate).
  • No stimulants in product.
  • Life Support Diet ™ also offers refund (excluding shipping, see website for details).


Cons to Consider

  • Hoodia-based products require a decent meal plan. Since fewer meals will be consumed (due to appetite being suppressed) each meal needs to contain quality nutrients to ensure a healthy balance.
  • Life Support Diet is not approved by the FDA
  • No clinical studies were performed to prove the effectiveness of this product.


How Does The Life Support Diet ™ Work?

The Life Support Diet ™ is based around the effects of South African Hoodia. Hoodia is known to be an appetite suppressant and encourages weight loss by decreasing the mental demands of hunger sensations. When taken orally an hour before a meal, neurological transmitters are activated. During the meal these transmitters send signals to the brain indicating it is full so less food is consumed. This feeling of fullness lasts for hours controlling hunger and eliminating the chances of impulse snacking between meals.

There are hundreds of "Hoodia Based" diet pills available in today's market but only a handful have been clinically tested. If you are would like to learn about clinically tested alternatives to the Life Support Diet Pill, please read our reviews on NuPhedrine and Proactol.


Life Support Diet ™ Doses

1 to 2 pills taken 1 hour before a meal with 8oz. of water.


Life Support Diet ™ Conclusion

The appetite suppression in The Life Support Diet ™ pill will provide a feeling of fullness between meals and a lasting ability to lose weight when used properly. When used in combination with a healthy meal plan there is no doubt that weight can be dropped however, we were concerned about the products lack of clinical testing. With all the alternatives available, The Life Support Diet ranks even with all the other Hoodia based products. It now becomes a question of price and we decided to spend a little more for other proven and tested products such as NuPhedrine.

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Editors Note: Some of our readers reported their credit cards being charged incorrectly. Be sure to read the fine print and cancel your subscription during the trial if you no longer wish to use the Life Support Diet. Please visit the Life Support Diet website for more details.

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