Lepto-Trim Diet Pill Review (not recommended)

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Lepto-Trim Overview

Lepto-Trim is a diet pill that contains large quantities of asparagus concentrate promising dieters they can lose unhealthy fat and excess weight without changing their eating habits or exercising. The Lepto-Trim website says you can lose 40 pounds in one month. We found this claim to be very unhealthy and very suspicious. Before we purchased a year worth of asparagus concentrate, we decided to investigate further.


Pros to Consider

  • Lepto-Trim will show some results after the first few doses by eliminating water weight.

Cons to Consider

  • Side effects include dehydration, bloating, constipation, fatigue, and heart palpitations.
  • No clinical studies have been performed regarding Lepto-Trim & asparagus concentrate and their effects on weight loss.
  • Unable to locate information regarding the Manufacturer of product.



How Does Lepto-Trim Work?

Lepto-Trim claims to work in two steps. First by eliminating excess water weight, then by expelling toxins from the body. As stated above, Lepto-Trim pills have a high concentration of asparagus, which has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years.  Asparagus has been known to assist the body with losing excess water easily and regulating metabolism by acting as a natural laxative.


How Safe Are Lepto-Trim Diet Pills?

Lepto-Trim mainly benefits people who have a higher tendency to retain water but this type of diuretic can create water imbalances that can lead to severe dehydration.  Excessive loss of water can cause fainting, fatigue, heart palpitations, and prolonged exposure to such a diuretic can be very taxing on the body.  Dieters that are not used to having a lot of fiber can experience bloating and constipation. There is no research as to the long term effects of taking Lepto-Trim. NuPhedrine® is a becoming a popular alternative for Lepto-Trim Pills and has been clinically tested to safely suppress the appetite and stimulate the metabolism for fast and effective weight loss.



Essentially Lepto-Trim is a dietary pill used to increase fiber and promote short term weight loss.  Lepto-Trim has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration and offers no proof of results with clinical trials or case studies as to it's ability to metabolize fat cells and flush fat from the body. After much consideration, we do not recommend Lepto-Trim.

If you are looking for a safe alternative for Lepto-Trim that has no side effects and has been clinically tested, check out our reviews on NuPhedrine® and Proactol™.


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