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Heidi Kimberly Diaz, a 49 year old woman, founded the Kimkins diet after a lot of buzz was generated around her losing an apparent 198 pounds in 11 months from taking the Atkins diet and modifying it to suit her needs.

What is the Kimkins Diet?

The Kimkins diet is based upon very low intakes of fat, calories and carbohydrates.  After word spread about Heidi’s astonishing weight loss, this more than likely prompted Heidi to market her own diet and was born.  Heidi, a.k.a. Kimmer, charged a membership fee to her website and some reports indicated the net worth of these memberships rose to over $2,000,000 in revenue.  Sounds like a successful diet program but we need take a closer look at what’s being promoted.

The idea of the Kimkins diet was forged from the structure of the Atkins diet.  The main difference is the Kimkins diet severely cuts back on fat and carbohydrate intake.  That can't be that bad right?  Well, the recommended daily calorie intake for the Kimkins diet is set at a dangerous 700 calories a day which is well below the recommended level set by medical practitioners to maintain good health.

The Kimkins Diet Might Be Dangerous

After taking some time to surf the internet we found a lot of members posting on other health forums discussing how they were advised by Kimmer to lower and restrict their calorie intake even further, somewhere between 500-600 calories a day.  It also appears that Kimmer supports what's called ‘SNATT’ meaning Semi Nauseous All the Time.  So this means, if your body tells you it's sick from lack of nutrients, you’re on the right track?  Another evident problem found with the Kimkins diet was the large number of people complaining of constipation for which laxatives are recommended.  With following such a low calorie nutrient deficient diet there are other health concerns such as potential kidney problems, weakness, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.

Is the Kimkins Diet a Scam?

We’re not saying that at all, however, you have to ask yourself the following questions.  Does the diet work or not?  And if it does work, at what cost to your physical health? We received reports from our readers that the following side effects were experienced:  Excessive nausea, hair loss, bad breath, and ending of menstruation for some women.  We are sure that people who try this diet will see results but it depends on how ill you are prepared to get to achieve them.


It’s very difficult to know if what you read online is the truth, however, it wasn't difficult for us not to recommend the Kimkins diet.  To implement a lifestyle based diet that allows 500-700 daily calories is considered dangerous and should not be followed without direction or input from your doctor. 

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