Duke Diet and Fitness Review

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Duke Diet and Fitness Review


Duke Diet and Fitness Review :: Overview

In 1969 Duke University created the Duke Diet and Fitness Residential Center (DFC) which turned into one of the oldest and most successIful weight management centers in the World today. The DFC has helped thousands of people lose weight and gain lasting health knowledge. This knowledge and wellness program is now available online and is one of the most complete diet and fitness programs available.


Duke Diet and Fitness Review :: Pros and Cons

Pros to Consider

  • As with the DFC, the online program is supported by registered dieticians, fitness experts, behavioral health experts, and medical experts.
  • One of the only diet programs with professional doctor support.
  • Online program is only $5 a week (billed quarterly)
  • Members have access to 16 online tools which includes a personalized meal planner, behavioral health assessments, custom fitness plan, food log, lifestyle coaching, recipes, and more.
  • Website is currently offering free diet evaluation.

Click the following link to Visit the Official Duke Diet and Fitness Website and Get Your Free Diet Evaluation


Cons to Consider

  • None


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How Does the Duke Diet and Fitness Work?

The practical guidance and instructions with the DFC diet is what makes the difference. The tools included is what springs the Duke Diet and Fitness ahead of other online diets. We would like to highlight some of the most prominent tools and their uses.

The Online Meal Planner provides customized meal plans based on your tastes. All you have to do is log on and provide your food preferences and the generator will do the rest. Your preferences can be changed at any time. A shopping list generator will also provide you with a grocery list for every custom meal that is generated for you.

The Fitness Planner creates a comprehensive exercise plan based on your level of fitness and fitness goals. Exercises are provided with instructional photos and videos focusing on cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

Lifestyle Coaching is also available with an upgraded package and provides you with a personal lifestyle coach that will help you through your weight loss program. Upgraded package also give you access to a nutrition coach, fitness coach, and wellness coach.



Duke Diet and Fitness Review :: Success Stories

After receiving feedback from our readers we decided to see how others faired following the program. We were astonished reading the success stories from those who lost anywhere from 90 to 263 pounds. One of the stories that really hit home was that of Scott from Stratford, NJ who lost more than 215 pound in 10 months. After trying various diet fads and failing, Scott came to realize that if he didn't change soon, his weight problem would eventually take his life. Scott was one of many that visited the DFC and has been a new man ever since.

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Duke Diet and Fitness Review :: Conclusion

It's wonderful that the benefits of the DFC are now available online. At such a nominal membership price we absolutely 100% recommend the Duke Diet and Fitness program. If you sign up and find the diet is not for you, the company will allow you to cancel your membership and get a refund for the unused portions.

Use the following link to visit the official Duke Diet & Fitness website for more information!


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