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Detox Foot PatchDetox Foot Patch Overview

The Detox Foot Patch ® is a clinically tested patch that re-vitalizes your body by naturally extracting toxins and heavy metals from your system while sleeping. Applying the patch right before bedtime will boost your immune system, improve circulation, improve your sleep at night and much more. There is no doubt about the effectiveness of this product. Upon awakening, you can literally see all the toxins pulled from your body the night before. Visit the official Detox Foot Patch site to read dozens of testimonials from satisfied customer.

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Pros and Cons to Consider


  • Twenty Four years of scientific study has been devoted to the toxin removing technology used in the Detox Foot Patch®.
  • Quick and simple application.
  • Use of product can promote healthier kidneys, relieve stress, and relieve pain and discomfort caused by arthritis.
  • All natural ingredients.
Cons to Consider
  • Item is not available in stores and can only be purchased through official website.
  • After trying the patch many of our testers complained about not buying enough to last and recommended stocking up.
  • There is another product on the market that is more effective at removing toxins called the Cleanse Patch.


How Does the Detox Foot Patch Work?

The Detox Foot Patch contains Tourmaline, a mineral found in Brazil, which contains a unique property of emitting far infrared rays. These rays have been known to generate negative Ions which provide a soothing therapeutic effect for the body exactly like the relaxed feeling after a rainstorm or being next to a waterfall. When applied to the foot, negative ions stimulate meridian acupressure points for various vital organs. Our research found that Ancient Chinese medicine believed the body has over 60 reflexology meridian points located on the soles of the foot and referred to the foot as the "2nd Heart". Gravity and our own body’s defenses naturally move toxins away from vital organs, essentially making our feet a storage pit for heavy metals and toxins. The Detox Foot Patch® will remove these toxins and promote a healthier mind and body.

In addition to Tourmaline, the Detox Foot Patch® also contains another crucial ingredient that enhances the detoxifying power of this patch. Wood vinegar essence has been used by Chinese villagers for thousands of years as a potent topical salve for treating infections and irritations. Scientists discovered that a highly formulation of these ingredients has an astonishing ability to absorb toxins right through your skin.


Although the patch can be placed on other parts of the body (i.e. behind the knee for knee problem, back of the ear or temples for eye problems) it is most effective when used on the soles of your feet. Feedback from our team of testers resulted in an overall better state of health. Weight loss benefits were reported when using the patch with reasonable eating and exercise plan. With a 60 day money back guarantee there is literally nothing to lose with trying this remarkable product. We recommend also reviewing our review on the Cleanse Patch which is 3 times as effective at removing toxins as the Verseo Foot Patch.

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