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Denise Austin


Denise Austin Diet Overview

Denise Austin promotes a sensible and realistic approach to losing weight, fitness, and eating. Denise earned a specialized degree in exercise physiology from the University of Arizona in 1979 and has been shaping America ever since. With over 25 years of experience, 24+ million exercise videos / DVD's sold, and dozens of publications, Denise has released her latest program "Fit Forever". Fit Forever was designed so everyone can have access to Denise Austin's diet and exercise plan online. We were very pleased to learn that Denise also has a program dedicated to children called "Fit Kids". With the ever growing market of diets available today we feel the Denise Austin program stands head over shoulders compared to its competition. The Denise Austin website is currently offering a free success plan to see if the Denise Austin diet is for you.


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Pros to Consider

  • Complete diet and exercise program.
  • No gym membership is required to follow program.
  • Membership includes the following: Access to Online Dieticians, Personalized Meal Plans, Personalized Eating & Exercise Program Based on Your Goals, Weight Loss Tracker, Personal Online Journal, and more.
  • Membership is only $4 a week.
  • Free success plan offered on website.
  • Your children can get involved with Denise's "Fit Kids" program.

Cons to Consider

  • None


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How Does The Denise Austin Diet Work?

Denise Austin's Fit Forever plan encompasses healthy eating and efficient exercise to magnify weight loss but let us be clear, Denise does not encourage depriving yourself of the foods you enjoy most. It is all about moderation and understanding why you eat. We found this approach very refreshing and encouraging for those apprehensive about starting a diet. The exercise portion of the Denise Austin plan focuses on attacking three fat zones (Upper Body, Mid-Section, and Lower Body). Denise's workouts have three levels (beginner, intermediate, and advance) and covers all the bases from warming up to cooling down. As a member you get access to more than 100 exercises based on your fitness level and fat zone focus.



Denise Austin appears to have the most complete diet available today and a very sound approach to eating and exercises without being physiologically overwhelmed. Denise is so sure of her program she is offering her "Get Fit Kit" for only $24.95 which includes 4 new body shaping workouts on DVD, Stability Ball and Pump, 4 week membership to Denise's Online Program, and a 4 Week Money-Back Guarantee. We highly recommend the Denise Austin Diet.

Denise Austin Diet Review

Denise Austin - Get Fit, Tight and Toned! 



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