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Chefs Diet

Chefs Diet Review :: Overview:

The Chefs Diet (formerly known as ZoneChefs) is based on Zone Diet created by Doctor Sears, who is widely known for creating a meal plan based on science which is recognized by a Nobel Prize. The Chefs diet uses a 40-30-30 ratio for effective weight loss. We will discuss this 40-30-30 ratio later in the review.


Chefs Diet Review :: Pros and cons to Consider


  • Meals are delivered daily for NY-Tri State area and Southern California. (weekly for rest of the US).
  • Very large number of celebrity endorsements.
  • Users who use the Chefs Diet has a higher diet compliance.
  • No calorie counting or portion controls required.
  • Good long term solution for weight loss.
  • Several doctor endorsed testimonials.


  • Meal delivery services can be expensive.
  • No exercise recommendations included with program.

Chefs Diet Review :: How Does The Chefs Diet Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Chefs Diet uses a 40-30-30 ratio. This balance is considered by many nutritionists as the perfect recipe for weight loss (40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat). The Chefs Diet uses this ratio to stabilize your body’s metabolic rate and allows the body to become more efficient at losing weight. The goal is to keep your insulin levels (blood sugar) at even and balanced levels. The Chefs diet helps you do that with 3 meals and two snacks.


Chefs Diet Review :: Menu

Here is just a small sample you can expect from the Chefs Diet daily menu.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Turkey Bacon & Eggs

Grilled chicken breast caesar salad with apple compote and greens (packaged separately)

Turkey chili with black beans and crackers (packaged separately)

Chocolate Marshmallow Snack Bar

Orange cranberry mini muffin


Chefs Diet Review :: Price

The Chefs Diet will cost roughly $29.99 a day.

Chefs Diet Review :: Conclusion

The Chefs Diet was created with sound principals and is a great candidate for "best meal delivery service". But with so many meal delivery services to choose from, it basically comes down to price. We recommend the Chefs diet as a short term solution to drop some pounds while improving eating habits. To learn more, visit the official Chefs Diet website.

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Chefs Diet

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