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3 Hour Diet™ Overview

3 Hour Diet™ was created by Jorge Cruise who is considered by many to be the leading weight loss expert for busy people. The diet consists of sound principles and is based upon eating a reasonably portined meal every 3 hours to stabalize blood sugar levels and control your appetite. The 3 Hour Diet™ has been embraced by dieters and endorsed by many celebrity outlets including Oprah Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, The Tyra Banks Show, The View, VH1, The Today Show, and many more. In addition to the actual diet plan, 3 Hour Diet™ has a successful meal delivery service that delivers nutrious foods right to your doorstep. This is very convienient for busy lifestyles with little time to devote to cooking. Let's take a closer look at how the 3 Hour Diet™ works.


How Does the 3 Hour Diet™ Work?

The main focus of the 3 Hour Diet™ is to eat the right foods every 3 hours to increase energy levels, alertness, muscle mass, and help reduce abdominal fat. How is it possible to lose weight by eating more meals? Consider the following example. Iif you eat three unhealthy meals a day for a week at different times each day, your body is forced to store unused calories as fat because it is not certain when it will receive the next meal. The body is designed to protect us from ourselves. By properly timing meals and eating smaller portions more frequently, your body will get on a schedule and out of "survival mode". This eliminates the body's need to store fat. This is where the 3 Hour Diet™ excells compared to other diets. With provided meal plans, you will know exactly what to eat, and when to eat it. With a free 7 day trial you have nothing to lose.



Pros to Consider

  • Free 7 Day Trail
  • Membership is 5$ a week
  • Optional Meal Delivery Service available priced at $19.95 per day
  • One on one sessions with creator of 3 Hour Diet™ Jorge Cruise to ensure accountability.
  • Great support system with online community, experienced mentors, and live on-call support.
  • Customized meal plans with thousands of food options.


Cons to Consider

  • This is a meal based diet that only focuses on weight loss by alterting eating habits without much exercise.
  • Optional meal service may be too expensive for average dieters.



3 Hour Diet™ has a great foundation for a lifestyle of healthy eating. All the press surrounding this diet is well deserved and has assisted thoursands with learning about the health benefits of eating every 3 hours. We beleive this is a great diet to start with. We also encourage moderate exercise to increase your chances of success.



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